Haystack 08 with artist Grace Ndiritu on Tuesday 28 January 2014


For the last fourteen years artist Grace Ndiritu has been researching alternative communities and lifestyles including Buddhist, new age, permaculture and neo-tribal festivals such Burning Man in Nevada. In 2012 she took the radical decision to quit living in London and begin a dual mobile lifestyle, living in nature and or rural communities and only going to the city when necessary. In these 18 months she has resided in both Thai and Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, a Hare Krishna Ashram and the ‘Findhorn’ new age community in Scotland. She will be giving a small talk about her research into living off grid.

To listen to the un-edited recording of the session click here.

Tuesday 28 January 2014 at 7pm
Unit 73B
Regents Studios
8 Andrews Road
London E8 4QN